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I was wrong .


I assumed other women were like me, I assumed they loved to shop for clothes, loved putting together outfits. I was wrong.


After years of offering women an alternative way to shop for clothes, I heard about what they hated about shopping for clothes - too many places to shop, too many racks of clothes to navigate, no one to help put together an outfit. Shopping for clothes brings frustration and anxiety to these women.

After retiring as a dental hygienist, I was not ready to sit at home. I needed something to do, and something connect me to other women. I decided to take my love of fashion front and center. Direct sales clothing is a perfect fit - I am currently the boss of my own boutique with Storyline Collection.

Storyline Collection focuses on the capsule wardrobe concept - bottoms, tops, layering pieces that mix and match to create multiple outfits.

I am passionate about helping women learn how to create a capsule wardrobe, and have fun with a personalized shopping experience. I love to laugh, and I have been told that people know me by my laugh.

I would love to help you live your life story in comfort and style with Storyline Collection Fashions in sizes XS-2X.


My selling philosophy is based on whether or not my client is jumping up and down about the way a Storyline fashion looks or feels on her body. Jumping up and down = add to your closet ! If she is hesitant about the color, style, fit , or anything else - it needs to go back on the rack or needs to be retuned. It will more than likely still have the tags on a year later.


I am a sister, wife, mother, Mimi , and cat mom of three high maintenance cats. I married my husband in 1978, and we are living life as an empty nesters.


I love listening to audio books (fiction) while I traveling in my car with my fashion boutique, and attend networking meetings - I love to network! I love giving my time to my church as a member of Altar Guild and the Vestry. My husband and I are passionate about giving to UC Clermont College with a Scholarship, and funding for special projects.


Look good, feel good, do good!


For me, I have had a lifelong love affair with clothes. I have fond memories of clothes shopping with my mom, another fashion lover, throughout my life. Once upon a time, I taught home economics. 


I loved selecting patterns, fabrics, and sewing (a skill I first learned from my grandmother when we made a pink shift dress together). Creating a great outfit brought me joy.

Meet Amy

Your Stressless Stylist

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